River Stone Cocktail Table, Large

The River Stone Cocktail Table has been one of our best selling coffee tables for years!  Made of cast resin, this table is deceptively strong- allowing people to sit on it, feet to be set upon it, or any other manner of "abuse" without damage. In fact, the roman stone finish, and the black, white, and silver gel coat finishes are OUTDOOR rated! The organic shape is a wonderful reference to nature, but the finishes are unmistakably modern and exciting.  Please note that the while the bottom of the tables are flat, the overall piece is rounded, so there can be some minor wobble when placed on thick rugs. Last, if you are worried about scratches, the gel coat finishes are less prone to surface imperfections than the silver and gold leaf finishes or black lacquer. I personally don't mind the scratches, which become part of the "patina", but different tastes are what make the world go 'round!

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