Modern literally means of the current time. Who doesn't want to be current? Yet many modern designs are from long ago- how does that work? Timeless design is modern in any era! For us, modern is about clean and simple lines and putting thought into a pieces form as well as its function. Modern can go in any environment depending on the materials and textures used. As one customer put it, ours is the "little black dress" of the furniture world- simply beautiful. Nothing gets us more excited than finding a new and innovative products to bring to our customers. At tradeshows it is often like finding a diamond in a coal mine- that little nugget of beauty amidst everything else. We shop for things we would love ourselves and find joy in other people having the same reactions. I was taught to "follow my passion and you will find success." There is nothing more fun for us than helping someone find the perfect complements for their homes & lives.