Loll is a producer of durable, all-weather, outdoor furniture- the perfect "hose it off and go" experience for your outdoor furniture needs!  Here in Bend, Oregon we have the full gamut of weather tests, and Loll performs beautifully! Loll got its start by making skateboard parks, and needed an incredibly hardy and low maintenance material to withstand the punishment. Using high-density polyethylene (HDPE), mostly from recycled single use milk jugs, Loll has taken that same durable material into the furniture world. Now you can enjoy lounging in the great outdoors without hassle while also being environmentally friendly!

5 products found in Loll

Lollygagger Lounge Chair
  • $ 645.00
Lollygagger Lounge Chaise
  • $ 1,395.00
Lollygagger Side Table
  • $ 245.00
Lollygagger Sofa
  • $ 1,395.00
Lollygagger Tall Lounge Chair
  • $ 895.00