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Use Your Budget On Everyday Pieces

We all understand budgets- they are good to have! When furnishing a house, that means knowing where to spend your money effectively.  At furnish. we believe the best approach is to spend what it takes to get your perfect living room sofa/sectional/lounge chairs, your dining room table and chairs, and your bed. These are the pieces that are lived on every day, get major use every day, and affect how you experience your furniture and your home.  Not only do you want to make sure you love these aesthetically, but it also pays in the long run to get pieces that are going to live up to the rigors of daily use.  Depending on how you use it, your coffee table may fall into this category as well.  Bookshelves, side tables, consoles, bars, accent chairs, benches, cabinets- all can have importance in a space, but they are all also areas where money can be saved.  For many of these things, once something is placed on or in them they tend to stay there with minimal movement, escaping the day to day wear and tear to which your main pieces are subjected.